Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Marangu Falls by Jake V. and Mikayla

This morning we woke up at 7 am, but a few of us woke up wayyyy earlier. Mama Jo woke up at five, and Beau at four started playing solitaire in the dark. Brenna and Mikayla woke up at 5 due to early alarm and saw them. Then they went out to look at the stars to find instead lots of clouds and prayer/singing chanting from next door neighbor. Then once it was actually time to wake up we all gathered for prayer and an amazing breakfast of eggs, “sausage”/hotdog, toast, fruit varieties, hot chocolate, Tanzanian tea, coffee, and these tasty flat pancakes. After we all loaded on a bus to start our day full of many encounters. From greeting many from the bus to on the streets during our touristy day. We started out with going up to the mountain of kilimanjaro to see where people hike up and learn about the mountain. Then we went to manmade caves learned about the culture and history of them and went inside them. Then we went to eat lunch at marangu falls above the falls to eat a hamburger.. or hamburger with beef and egg. Also mango juice a chicken, and some wonton hot beef pocket and muffin with classic banana. Soon after we made our hike to get the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. We learned to find out he the hike was difficult because of the slippery steep stairs. Once we finished our long trek we got a beautiful sight of the waterfall and we all got in and the water was freezing. It took awhile to get use to, but not to long because everyone enjoyed the moment. We went under the falls and climbed the slippery rocks. A lot of people fell down in and almost drowned haha jk but sorta. But we all survived and it was over all a very fun once in a lifetime experience. After that we went back on the bus to the hotel and ended the night with an amazing dinner, prayer, and group talks about our day. A great first day.  Love you mom, dad, and hockey. From Jake.

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