Thursday, June 30, 2016

Safari Day 1 - Manyara National Park by Zack S

Today we woke up at about 6:30-7. We than had breakfast and finished up packing for the safari. We then got picked up by the safari drivers around 8. We drove about 2 hours to a small shop where some of us got some snacks and other things. Then continued on for about another hour and a half until we reached the Manyara National Park, where we checked in and paid then drove to a picnic site to have lunch. For lunch we had the choice of a burger or a chicken sandwich. After lunch was when we officially started our safari tour. We then got on a very bumpy dusty road and started out by seeing monkeys and some birds. As we drove further we saw many giraffes and at least 10 elephants. I think we were all really amazed by the elephants. We also saw many wildebeests. At about 5 we ended the safari and started driving to our campsite which was way up. We arrived to our campsite around 6 and got a tour of the place, then we had a “snack”, for the snack they served us soup. Then many of us showered in the out door bathroom and got settled in our 2 person tent. Each tent had 2 twin sized beds in them. We had time to do what we wanted till about 8:15 then we all met up at the “lobby” of the campsite and ate dinner. For dinner we had rice, potatoes, and beef. This meal was very similar to a lot of our other meals but was a little fancier. After dinner we had a prayer and share, than the rest of the night was ours to do what we wanted. 

Zack: Hey mom and dad miss you guys. Also who ever else in my family is reading this. See you soon.  

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