Thursday, June 30, 2016

Safari Day 2… Ngorongoro Crater by Quinton and Jacob Z

(sorry, but yes, it is out of chronological order).

Today we woke up at 6:30 in the morning to some annoying birds. We then had breakfast and packed our belongings from our tents. The safari drivers were there to pick us up at 7:30 and took us to the crater. As we entered the park, we had to drive on a bumpy road for an hour until we got to the crater entrance. The moment we entered the park we saw wildebeests and zebras. We noticed that the wildebeests weren’t the smartest or the cutest animals we would see today (or ever). We passed through the herd of wildebeests and moved on to see other animals like gazelle, water buffalo, flamingos, and jackel. We saw some hyenas chasing some of the animals and noticed that they weren’t afraid of anything. The drive through the park was never all that boring because we always had something to see. The landscape was beautiful and breathtaking. When driving along our guide noticed some lions. They were laying by a pond but were too far away to get a good look. This wasn’t our first lion encounter. We then saw some laying by a hill camouflaged in the tall grass. They were also too far to get a good look but one of the lions later got extremely close to the road. After a few minutes of picture taking our guide led us to the hippos. They were really fat and quite useless. On our way back to the picnic area, we noticed a large buildup of safari cars. We pulled up to see a lion sitting on the road. After looking for awhile, we saw our friend Pumba out in the field. The lion walked along the road with its eyes fixed on the lunch it was trying to acquire. After a few minutes of watching, the lion crept in the grass approaching the hogs. After a few more minutes the lion made its move. It chased the animals out into the plains. The lions speed was not a match for the eyes of the hogs. They outran the lion into the open fields. After seeing this happen, we made our way to the lunch area. We ate our lunch in our cars so no animals could maul us (ha ha). We all gathered by the hippo pond for a picture and saw some more blobs (hippos). After lunch we made our way to the exit and said a bittersweet goodbye to the crater. Then our eight hour, traffic filled journey began. We hit a lot of traffic on the way home and turned our four hour drive into a seven hour journey. JZ and I had an issue on the way back. Our bodies were telling us we needed to release some stress and we were in the middle of a traffic jam. Our driver (after 45 minutes) found us a spot to use the old restroom. That stop made the rest of the trip tolerable. 

Quinton: Hello to everyone in my family that may be reading this. I have not died yet. I have drank 7,865 Fantas. 

JZ: Hi family. I have lost some weight. See you soon.

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