Friday, July 1, 2016

Approaching our final days and challenges we have faced By: Alex S

As our final days in Moshi approach and we are all anticipating the hot showers and sleeping in our own beds, it’s amazing to look back at all the challenges we have faced. There was a lot of initial shock upon our arrival in Moshi, the language barrier, the different sights and the fact that all the drivers drive with what seems like no regard for safety. A lot of us viewed some things as challenges while others had no problems with them. For example the food, small rooms and lack of a washing machine. As time went on these inconveniences just became a fact of life. But as the trip progressed so did the challenges. It seemed like every day another handful of people were sick, but Alisse was awesome and made sure we had all the meds we needed to make a full recovery. A recent and unexpected challenge for me and my roommates was the discovery of bedbugs. We had noticed for a while strange red bites on our bodies and had joked that it was bedbugs. We eventually checked under Hannah’s sheets and found that our joke was now a reality. We peeled back the sheets and to our surprise we found tons of little bugs. One of the chaperones googled bedbugs and compared them to the picture, sure enough they were a match. After a brief meltdown we proceeded to evacuate all of our belongings into the hallway. The hotel staff was alerted and our mattresses and bedding were carried from the hotel. Luckily the chaperones and other girls were quick to pull together and offer their clothes, beds and kind words. This incident even shocked Mr. McMorrow since no other trip has ever encountered bedbugs. After fumigating the room and getting new mattresses and sheets I’m proud to report that our room is bedbug free, just in time for our last three nights here. There have definitely been a lot of challenges, but who's ever been on an easy mission trip? These challenges have really added to the overall experience which will be impossible to forget. The good and hard parts of this trip have formed and experience which will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Hey mom, dad and Owen! I’m counting the minutes till I get to see you. Miss you lots and love you more!!!!!! - Alex

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